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Custom Video Platform
Hosting images, videos, and files on a fast CDN with global servers. Consumer service coming soon.
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Anyone can get a CDN. Well, anyone with a domain, or, sometimes you can use a sub domain of your CDN service. The catch? You have to pay for it all and do all the work. What about those image hosting services? Some of those are free— but they typically only allow images and direct you to a viewer, not the CDN that the content’s on. WebDevCDN will do that. Okay, but what about Dropbox and similar services? They allow videos and files too! That’s true, but you have limited storage on the free plan. Plus, it’s typically difficult to get the CDN URL for the content. You might be asking— why’s a CDN URL important when I can just use one of those services that has a viewer on an actual website? Good question. Ever see fields asking you for a image or video URL? Often times, it’s asking for a CDN URL. That could be hard to get with other services. We’re different because we allow photos, videos, and files, all for free paid for by ads and merch sales, directly taking you to the CDN URL after uploading.