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What if there’s illegal/inappropriate content uploaded?
Where are the servers located?
If it’s free, how will you make money?
We don’t have any for individual users. However, at launch, we’ll have a set limit for how much content can be uploaded by all users per month. Additionally, if we detect abuse (for example, uploading large, empty files to fill our servers), we reserve the right to block you from using our service. At full launch, the combined user upload limit will likely be about 0.5 terabytes combined. If needed, we’re able to scale up to 4 terabytes if we modify server locations.
We’ll occasionally review content to remove content that shouldn’t be there. If you come across any, IMMEDIATELY contact us at [email protected] with all links to the illegal/inappropriate content. We’ll review it within 18 hours and take it down if we find a violation.
Currently, every country with an internet connection excluding North Korea and China. Requests from those countries will be blocked at the DNS level.
Which countries can view content?
They’re hosted by a third-party with more than 30 locations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.
Great question. We plan to be fully supported by on-site ads as well as non-mandatory donations and merch sales.
Will there be an upload limit?